Thursday, September 17, 2009

8th Day

  • We have a table in our school room! We no longer have to do school work at the dinning room table. I am so excited about this. Also if some people are being to loud while other need it quiet we can divide them up.
  • We went for a short walk today. We walked down to the driveway of our church building and back. We might walk to church this Sunday.
  • School went well. We did some stuff with magnets for science today. I really like it that our science curriculum touches on a lot of different kids of science all year long. My kids are to young to have a passion for one type of science. This way they can learn about tons of stuff every year and when they do find something that they love we can start to focus on that one thing then.
  • Lars is getting pretty good at riding his little bike.
  • I made some chocolate cupcakes this afternoon. I didn't want us to forget what they taste like.
  • A bunch of rotary winged aircraft have been flying over today. I'm not sure what is up with that. :)
  • We wrote some letters this morning as part of our school.

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