Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 14

  • We had to make a couple runs to the pharmacy to get my prescription taken care of. It has changed so I have to take a different does every other day. I'm glad. I was thinking it was too high but not sure. But my LAB work said it was so now I don't doubt.
  • Went to church again tonight, This time we all went to our own classes and we all enjoyed them.
  • Lars was telling about the video he watched in class. He said, "...and they walked, no, they bounced..." So, can you guess what kind of video he was watching?
  • I made some bread today. We enjoyed some of it fresh with butter and honey.
  • It rained again today. I have more wet laundry to do. This afternoon it kind of surprised me because it was very bright and sunny but it started showering very heavily.
  • We ate supper at church.
  • That is all. good night.