Monday, January 28, 2013


I have recently began making my own lotion. It has been turning out very nice too. Even if I am the one to say so. :) I am thinking about selling it but I am not wanting to pay the fees to have an Etsy shop so I am offering it to you here.
   It is made with all natural oils and aloe vera. I use a verity of herbs and essential oils. My current favorite herbs for lotion are; calendula, orange, lavender, rose and comfrey. I always use some coconut oil and I also use olive, grape seed, sunflower, hazelnut oils and cocoa butter.
  I re-purpose jars to hold the lotion. I mostly have 8 oz jars.
 I can sell this for $10 plus shipping.
If you are interested please e mail me at; marthamail24 @

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Alphabet Revisited Part 1

We are celebrating the alphabet again this month. I decided that I would post all our modifications to Abbi's original idea for doing this.  Abbi posted most of this list about 5 years ago.

Dress in; apricot, azure, amber, aqua or almond or anything.
How to act; Adorable, with Agape, and like Angels
Things to do; Admire and Appreciate things and people, Aerobics, Adventure Around, or/and Act like Animals.
Breakfast; Applesauce or apple doughnuts
Supper; Au gratin potatoes with ham, Aylmer bread, Apple juice, Alfalfa sprouts on salad and angel food cake.

Dress in; black, blue, brown, beige, beads, or bags. Wear braids, and be beautiful.
How to act; Be bright and brave.
Things to do; Blow up balloons and bubbles, ballet.
Breakfast; banana bread, or blueberry buckle, or blueberry muffins or bagels or blinis.
Supper; Burgers on Buns or Burrito bake, Beans, Beverage and Blackberry pie.

C. c.
Dress in; Cream, cobalt blue, cotton, crowns, costumes,capris, clean colorful clothing and wear curls.
How to act; Carefully and compassionately.
Things to do; Clean, climb and celebrate.
Breakfast; Crapes, cantaloupe, cold cereal, cheesy eggs, coffee cake, or corned beef hash.
Supper; crab casserole, carrot and/or cabbage salad, cottage cheese, candy. Or, Curry chicken and cake or cookies.

D. d.
Dress in; dark colors, dots, denim, dungarees, or a dress.don't forget deodorant!
How to act; Daring and delightful.
things to do; dance, dig dirt, dominoes, dress up, decorate, Do dishes.
breakfast; doughnuts or danish puff
supper; doggies in a blanket, dill pickles and dairy drink.

E. e.
Dress in; earth tones, eggplant, everything.
How to act; Entertainingly.
Things to do; Enjoy...eating, Encourage everyone.
Breakfast; Eggs.
Supper; Enchiladas, or Egg rolls.

F. f.
Dress in; fuchsia, floral, flags, flip flops, flannel or furs. Wear a french braid.
How to act; Forgiving, fun.
Things to do; Frisbee
Breakfast; fresh fruit, french toast, or flap jacks.
Supper; fish fillets, fruit salad, french fries.

G. g.
Dress in; Green, gray or gold.
How to act; good.
Things to do; Play Games, give gifts, gymnastics.
Breakfast; Grapefruit and granola, grits, gravy with biscuits.
Supper; Goulash, garlic bread and green salad. or gumbo, gingersnaps.

H. h.
Dress in; hunter green, hats.
How to act; helpful.
Things to do; give hugs.
Breakfast; hash brown quiche.
Supper; ham, herd roasted potatoes, hush puppies, hungarian green beans.

I. i.
Dress in; Indigo.
How to act; be Inspiring.
Things to do; make an ice sculpture.
Breakfast; Individually wrapped pop tarts, incredible edible egg.
Supper; Indian tacos, individual pizzas, ice tea, ice cream.

J. j.
Dress in; Jewel tones, jeans, jewelry, or a jumper.
How to act; joyful.
Things to do;Tell jokes, jump rope, jujitsu.
Breakfast; jam on bread, juice.
Supper; Jambalaya, jello

K. k.
Dress in;khaki,
How to act; kindly
Things to do; give kisses, karate.
Breakfast; kalaches, kiwi
Supper; kabobs, Kentucky fried chicken, kohlrabi.

L. l.
Dress in; lavender, lilac, lemon, linen,leather, lipstick, loose clothing.
How to act; Loving.
Things to do; Learn to Love, leap frog, lemonade.
Breakfast; lefse.
Supper; lemonade, lasagna, lettuce salad, lemon bars.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Art or the artists?

This past week we did some tie dying. We did it in our garage so we wouldn't get the dye on anything in the house. Which was a good thing since some people splashed all over the floor. Afterward we noticed that we didn't just tie dye clothing, some feet were beautiful colors too!
There are some beautiful feet.
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Have you ever heard of this?

This week in teaching my children, the los lunas stone was mentioned. I had never heard of it before and I'm wondering why. but here is an interesting article on it. check it out and let me know what you think.