Sunday, October 18, 2009

I digress

And we got totally stuck.
tonight at dinner the topic of conversation began with talking about where we lived. The question then was, is that in America? yes, the USA.
This moved on to the US Army and what they do. Heidi said that pirates shoot cannons too. And, I admit I was the one to digress, I said, and forks. This began a debate on things which one could shoot. After they got over the shock that I said something so random!
"Candy! Yeah, that is the tip top, We can't get any better than that." ......Well, maybe there is something else floating around up there.
Pine cones!"
And on and on and ON. They did this back and forth for all of the rest of dinner. When they are talking they take a very long time with dinner. Nearly an hour.
Kids are awesome. Have fun and laugh.

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