Friday, February 10, 2012

The Alphabet Revisited Part 1

We are celebrating the alphabet again this month. I decided that I would post all our modifications to Abbi's original idea for doing this.  Abbi posted most of this list about 5 years ago.

Dress in; apricot, azure, amber, aqua or almond or anything.
How to act; Adorable, with Agape, and like Angels
Things to do; Admire and Appreciate things and people, Aerobics, Adventure Around, or/and Act like Animals.
Breakfast; Applesauce or apple doughnuts
Supper; Au gratin potatoes with ham, Aylmer bread, Apple juice, Alfalfa sprouts on salad and angel food cake.

Dress in; black, blue, brown, beige, beads, or bags. Wear braids, and be beautiful.
How to act; Be bright and brave.
Things to do; Blow up balloons and bubbles, ballet.
Breakfast; banana bread, or blueberry buckle, or blueberry muffins or bagels or blinis.
Supper; Burgers on Buns or Burrito bake, Beans, Beverage and Blackberry pie.

C. c.
Dress in; Cream, cobalt blue, cotton, crowns, costumes,capris, clean colorful clothing and wear curls.
How to act; Carefully and compassionately.
Things to do; Clean, climb and celebrate.
Breakfast; Crapes, cantaloupe, cold cereal, cheesy eggs, coffee cake, or corned beef hash.
Supper; crab casserole, carrot and/or cabbage salad, cottage cheese, candy. Or, Curry chicken and cake or cookies.

D. d.
Dress in; dark colors, dots, denim, dungarees, or a dress.don't forget deodorant!
How to act; Daring and delightful.
things to do; dance, dig dirt, dominoes, dress up, decorate, Do dishes.
breakfast; doughnuts or danish puff
supper; doggies in a blanket, dill pickles and dairy drink.

E. e.
Dress in; earth tones, eggplant, everything.
How to act; Entertainingly.
Things to do; Enjoy...eating, Encourage everyone.
Breakfast; Eggs.
Supper; Enchiladas, or Egg rolls.

F. f.
Dress in; fuchsia, floral, flags, flip flops, flannel or furs. Wear a french braid.
How to act; Forgiving, fun.
Things to do; Frisbee
Breakfast; fresh fruit, french toast, or flap jacks.
Supper; fish fillets, fruit salad, french fries.

G. g.
Dress in; Green, gray or gold.
How to act; good.
Things to do; Play Games, give gifts, gymnastics.
Breakfast; Grapefruit and granola, grits, gravy with biscuits.
Supper; Goulash, garlic bread and green salad. or gumbo, gingersnaps.

H. h.
Dress in; hunter green, hats.
How to act; helpful.
Things to do; give hugs.
Breakfast; hash brown quiche.
Supper; ham, herd roasted potatoes, hush puppies, hungarian green beans.

I. i.
Dress in; Indigo.
How to act; be Inspiring.
Things to do; make an ice sculpture.
Breakfast; Individually wrapped pop tarts, incredible edible egg.
Supper; Indian tacos, individual pizzas, ice tea, ice cream.

J. j.
Dress in; Jewel tones, jeans, jewelry, or a jumper.
How to act; joyful.
Things to do;Tell jokes, jump rope, jujitsu.
Breakfast; jam on bread, juice.
Supper; Jambalaya, jello

K. k.
Dress in;khaki,
How to act; kindly
Things to do; give kisses, karate.
Breakfast; kalaches, kiwi
Supper; kabobs, Kentucky fried chicken, kohlrabi.

L. l.
Dress in; lavender, lilac, lemon, linen,leather, lipstick, loose clothing.
How to act; Loving.
Things to do; Learn to Love, leap frog, lemonade.
Breakfast; lefse.
Supper; lemonade, lasagna, lettuce salad, lemon bars.