Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This morning was such a average morning I thought I would share. Most mornings Lars wakes up somewhere between 4 and6 and comes and stands by my bed until I wake up enough to ask him if he needs to use the bathroom. He says yes and goes in and does then comes to ask me to, "cover me."
Around 7 to 7:30 Heidi shows up in my room usually fully dressed or needing zipped. She will then go play quietly in her's or Lars' room. Lars will wake up and join her until I am done with my shower and we three go down stairs. They do some more playing or start asking (rather loudly) for chocolate milk.
Molly joins us at some point but she always needs to sit by herself and watch the goings on for awhile before she is awake enough to enjoy our company.:) She almost never gets dressed before breakfast.
(Derek's time of appearance depends on if he is working or not.)
I hope you all are having a loverly morning this morning too!