Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 7

  • I did a bunch of rearranging again today. Getting things to fit in a new house has been a little challenging since we have smaller living rooms (dinning and living) with more doors in them so it is harder to get stuff to fit in a comfortable way. I'm liking it the way I have it now. The other thing that changed with rooms, We are trying to have a school room now.
  • We went to Wednesday night church today.
  • We are reading Charlotte's Web this week.
  • It rained here today. The kids ran around in the rain for awhile this morning. They thought that was great fun.


Carrie said...

We are reading Charlotte's Web as well. I find it hard to always notice when we need to mark the map, but the kids think it's pretty fun to get an idea of where the things are. :)

martha said...

My kids love the maps too. I'm pretty sure some of my kids don't understand maps or even time and space but they enjoy looking at the maps and talking about it.