Thursday, March 4, 2010

The story of Lemon

I have told you about one Lemon before. But we have had other Lemons in our life. Molly had a friend Lemon who also lived down the road and we would hear about the wonderful things she could do as well. Most recently Lars has had a friend Lemon come play with him.
 His friend is a boy and has spent many nights at our house sleeping on the chair in Lars' room. There have also been times that I stepped on him because I did not see him in the hallway. He and Lars often play with swards and take turns being the bad guy. He eats meals with us a lot. He always brings his own dishes and his own food though he eats the same thing we are having, unless it is something Lars does not like and then Lemon will have what Lars wishes he was having.
 Well, now we have a puppy and we feel that since we have always had  a Lemon around anyway now we can see her. Heidi wasn't sure it was a romantic enough name for her but the rest of us are very comfortable with it.
 This Lemon has been very sweet all except at 3:30 this morning she felt the need to cry loudly about her lonely little bed.
 I'm really finding it hard to believe I have invited a dog to live IN my house, shedding hair and all that comes with being a puppy. I have never been found of animal hair in a house.
 I probably will survive and even enjoy her company. My kids are loving her so much which is one big reason we wanted a dog. I hope she can open the door to animals for them. I really pitied their fear.