Friday, August 1, 2008

Picnic List

( The girls eating good picnic.)
(Molly waiting at the picnic table.)
(Keren's lunch)
( Me enjoying string cheese.)
(Lars at Wilson Park)
(Lars and Keren picnicking)

Table Cloth
Paper towels
Hand sanitizer
Citronella candle
Ice water bottles
String Cheese

A Little about Molly

Molly has mastered the art of Bow knot tying. Last night she was wanting me to help her tie her apron string for her but then we decided I could coach and she could tie. She was getting it really good last night but then this morning she practiced some more and mastered it!

The other thing you might notice about these pictures, she is holding her purse. She takes her purse with her everywhere. Last night she even took it to bed. And then first thing this morning she shows up with her blanket and her purse. When we went to the grocery store this week she had it along and was able to buy herself some gum.