Friday, January 25, 2008

Creative kids

My children are so good at finding entertainment for them selves. this top picture is of them cutting old paper bags. Heidi would cut out a piece than show it to me and if I didn't ask right away she would tell me to ask her what it was. so then Lars started doing that too.
Here is some art by Lars. he was having lots of fun putting stickers on my back.
Scissors are awesome fun things. the only trouble is if he runs out of paper to cut he starts cutting his clothes or whatever is handy.

ready for church

This is my beautiful family all ready for church Sunday morning. The boys.
And papa with his girls.

Confession Time

Yes, if you think I've been lost, you are right, I have been. we just bought this game. The Settlers for our computer. I am an impulsive game player. There I confessed. I always feel I have to win so I end up playing until all hours of the morning as the case may be. so yea, I've been spending all my spare, and not so spare, time playing games.