Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 20

Today has been a very nice day.
The weather was in the low 70's all day. It was breezy, almost windy. Very lovely.
We did some of our book work this morning and then went outside. We worked in the back yard. Well, I worked and the kids played. I picked up tons of pine cones and raked and then mowed. It looks so nice and inviting back there now. The kids worked on turning one of the sheds into a club house. some of the time.
Lars was running with a kite this morning and I guess it malfunctioned because he ended up running into a tree. He got a quarter size raspberry on his forehead and scratches on his nose, lip and forehead. It was a rather bad kite accident.
One of my cupboard doors has had the habit of hanging open and I fixed it today. It is so much nicer to walk into the kitchen now. (smile)
I made a caramel apple cake today. I will have to post the recipe on here for you some time. It is very yummy.
We are supposed to have 40 degree weather tonight. I brought in the avocado tree in case it would not like it that cold. I also brought in the pineapples. Oh, and one of the pepper plants. I hope everything else does not mind a slight chill.
I worked on the dress for Molly a little today. Mostly I was outside though.
Yesterday I was simply not in the mood to blog so you will have to just assume everything was fine then. (smile) Oh, and for the day before too. (bigger smile)
Tonight the kids helped me make supper. Molly made our hamburger buns all by herself. Heidi helped cute the potatoes for french fries. Oh, Lars helped shape the hamburger buns. Heidi helped shape the hamburger patties.