Sunday, October 11, 2009


We have had a fun busy weekend.
On Friday night we went to the Army Soldier Show. It was very fun. I like watching my kids enjoy things. For a large part of the show Lars sat in his seat without hardly moving at all just watching watching. The show was a musical, dance skits kind of talent show sort of. I think if you searched it on you tube you would find some of their shows.
On Saturday our church had a cowboy themed fall party. We dressed up in clothes of that era and ate chili and put each other in jail and roasted marshmallows over a fire. Some people bobbed for apples and others carved pumpkins. They also had a pinata.
I was put in jail for visiting to much and Molly was sent to jail for being too blond. We had to sit in jail for five minutes and pay a 25 cent bail to get out.
Molly won the award for the nicest costume. ( when I explained to Heidi why Molly got the prize she wondered why she did not get one, Did not they like her clothes too?)
I hope to post pictures of the fall party sometime.