Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My recent project

Today I made some little backpacks for Heidi and Lars. (I didn't make one for Molly 'cause she already has one.)
I made them from some denim pant legs from some old jeans of mine. then sewed on some decor from rags or scraps of materiel I had on hand. Than for the straps I used 550 cord.

Derek's recent project

This past weekend Derek made a Banjo type instrument from a coffee can and some wood we had in the garage.
Isn't it really cool?!

At last

This is Derek with his Fiddle! I am so glad we got it. It is so nice to hear him play it again.

Just like Papa

Not too long ago we bought a light weight hammer for Lars. He always likes to help make stuff and now it will be a little easier. :D