Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We were on a quest for grapes on our walk, and we found some! most of the ones within reach were not ripe but we did get a few to bring home and we also ate a bunch. The ones we could not reach were high in an Oak tree(Willow Oak to be exact).
We also found a Pecan tree that we will be visiting throughout the summer and fall to get them when they are ripe. They were very green and I thought they smelled a little like Citronella.
The blackberry were, alas, way past their season so we missed out on the black berries!
On our way home the sky turned a very dark gray and we started to hear thunder in the distance so we hurried the rest of the way home. No sooner had we got in that it did indeed start to pour and be a grand storm. It ended up lasting all night.
We were very thankful for the rain.
We are getting a much needed shower again today, gray and wet weather.

What is it?

We went on a walk this week and found this vine. I think the flowers are really pretty. It also has this really big fruit.
It was climbing all over some black berry bushes.
If anyone knows what it is I would love to know. I wonder if the fruit is eatable?