Monday, January 28, 2013


I have recently began making my own lotion. It has been turning out very nice too. Even if I am the one to say so. :) I am thinking about selling it but I am not wanting to pay the fees to have an Etsy shop so I am offering it to you here.
   It is made with all natural oils and aloe vera. I use a verity of herbs and essential oils. My current favorite herbs for lotion are; calendula, orange, lavender, rose and comfrey. I always use some coconut oil and I also use olive, grape seed, sunflower, hazelnut oils and cocoa butter.
  I re-purpose jars to hold the lotion. I mostly have 8 oz jars.
 I can sell this for $10 plus shipping.
If you are interested please e mail me at; marthamail24 @