Saturday, February 23, 2008

A scene from "Life at the Johnosn's"

Here is a short clip from life here.

The setting; the Johnson family living room.

The characters; Papa Johnson
Mama Johnson
Molly Johnson
Heidi Johnson
Lars Johnson

Our curtain opens with Papa lounging on the couch. He is reading a magazine(Ladies Home Journal, I think). Mama is also on the couch sitting at the other end with her feet in papa's lap. Lars is on Mama's lap and Heidi is perched on Papa's foot and leaning against Mama. Molly has not appeared yet.

Narrator; "Nap time has just come to a close although Molly seems to still be sleeping. Lars woke up a short while ago with a very sad little cry. Mama went to rescue him and he promptly fell back to sleep on mama's lap. Right after Lars fell back to sleep a sleepy but smiley Heidi came down the steps and joined the others on the couch.

~Lars' head falls over onto Heidi's chest/lap as mama and Heidi are trying to get comfortable. Mama starts to wiggle her foot to try to wake it from sleep.~

Heidi; (looking first at Mama's foot and then down at sleeping Lars) " We should stick your shoe in Lars' ear."

Mama; (giggling) " I don't think so we should never stick anything in our ears!"

Heidi; "my friend sticks her shoe in her brothers ear all the time."

Mama; (still trying to not laugh to much) "Doesn't it hurt him?"

Heidi; " yes, he cries, Waa, Waa, and her mom tell her, STOP."


A very small excerpt I know.

as an after note, last night Heidi came in to our room to say she had a penny down her throat.
now I'm wondering, will it harm her in any way in there? Since she didn't choke on it she should be fine right?