Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 29

This morning I went for a slow jog while my kids rode bikes. If it had been just the girls I would have had to run pretty fast. But since Lars still uses training wheels he slowed us down. We were going on an unpaved trail which made it even harder for him. It was a really pretty trail in the woods.
I am really excited about company for Thanksgiving!!
Heidi is still not feeling very well. I am praying that the rest of us will not get sick. And, that she will heal quickly.
We did some playing in the dirt this evening. I planted my clematis. I hope it like its new home. It really took me a long time to decide where I should put it. I think I will like it where it is. I might be too used to plants in pots that I can move to a new location any time I want a change of scenery.
The weather is funny around here. yesterday we had a warm wind that blew some hot air and we were very hot, Made me want to turn on the air conditioning again. Today, we woke up to rather chilly weather again and needed to wear sweatshirts when we were out.