Monday, September 21, 2009

Days 11 and 12

I forgot to blog last night until I was done reading and had turned the lights out. I did not feel like getting out of bed and turning the computer back on.

  • We walked to church. We all enjoyed that a lot. We saw two of our friends drive by while we were walking and that was very fun too. It took not quite 10 min.
  • We spent a very lazy afternoon.
  • In the evening we went over to the neighbors and the kids played.
  • We did vary little school work.
  • We went to Aldi and Wal-mart before lunch.
  • We went to the Commissary before supper.
  • last night our fish died. he died of lack of care.
  • We had taco salad for supper.
Other things happened I'm sure. :/


since I took a picture of Lars with his bike the girls needed pictures of them with their bikes.