Monday, December 24, 2007

My fun fast gift

Derek decided he needed to give his sarg. a gift so I quick put this together. I was so excited about it that I came right over here to share it with you! I made some powdered hot chocolate mix: 3/4 c. sugar (divided) 1 vanilla bean 1 c cocoa powder 1 T ground cinnamon 1/3 c dry milk powder Put 2 T of sugar and vanilla bean in a blender and blend until a fine powder. Combine remaining sugar, cocoa powder, cinnamon and dry milk in a bag, add vanilla sugar and mix well. transfer powder mixture to an airtight container. To serve mix 1/4 c powder with 8 oz. hot water.
I put the hot chocolate powder in a 1/2 pint jam jar and tied a red ribbon with instructions for making drink and a cinnamon stick to the top. Than I made some chocolate syrup: 1/2 c heavy cream 1 c chocolate chips 1 c light corn syrup 1 T vanilla In a sauce pan over medium heat bring cream to a boil. Add chocolate and blend until smooth. Add corn syrup and vanilla. Remove from heat. let cool than pour into jar with tight fitting lid. store in the refrigerator. to serve combine 3 T syrup with 8 oz hot milk.

Derek had found the Jack Daniels flavored coffee at the dollar spot in Target last week. I had a basket on hand that I stuck holiday tissue into. I had made some candy the other day that I wrapped up in some green serene wrap and tied with a red ribbon. I used one of the mugs we had on hand and added tissue and the coffee to it. I also wrapped up some mini marshmallows and some doughnuts I made this morning. Then added the candy cane for decor.