Monday, June 23, 2008

Yes we are alive and well!...

Hi! I haven't been blogging lately, we've been really busy and I get tiered of uploading pictures all over the place.
If you would like to see pictures of my lovely family, please get a facebook account and be my friend on there. It is really easy to set up and use (even for you mom) and I put almost all my pictures on there.
I will try to blog still too but summer is kind of hard for that.
We have made a trip to the Zoo this summer. ^
-Spent many afternoons at the neighborhood pool. ^We have spent a lot of time in the car. (or truck as the case may be.) ^
We also went to see the ocean once. ^

Also I have made several trips to the Doc. to figure out about my thyroid. Thankfully I do not I cancer but I do have a really large lump that will have to come out sometime. We are planning on having the surgery in October. Please keep that in your prayers. I am a little worried about my thyroids function after the surgery.

Until next time....