Monday, September 14, 2009


The other day I found this Barbie laying in my living room. Someone must have dropped her there when they were done playing.
I walked into the room and asked her what she was doing laying there like that and she said, "I'm a Barbie." Later she was walking around and moving her arms like a barbie would.

Day 5

  • We had our first school day. It went very well. The kids were very happy to be "doing school."
  • I rearranged the kitchen dinning room.
  • moped the tile floors.
  • The kids played hide and seek around the house.
  • the kids took a bunch of pillows and got into the pillow cases and jumped up and down the hallway.
  • Lars reported that he had killed his pet. And I thought oh no he's killed the fish. But no, he had killed the fly that was in his room. His heart was fairly broken.
  • We went to Aldi and Wal mart.
  • We had fresh broccoli with our supper. I really like the taste of fresh broccoli cooked in the microwave with butter and salt and pepper. The kids don't find it as lovely as I do.