Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 36 - E day

We've been pretty busy this week. both yesterday and today we had friends over for the afternoons.
I sewed some PJ pants for Molly today. They were super easy to do because I had a pattern out to cute them out then I found some of mine that I was going to get ride of and I ended up just cutting them down to fit Molly. They are a little wider leg than I wanted for her but oh well.
We had enchilada's tonight for supper for E day. They were good. the last time I tried to make them they were not so good.
We have a well out back of our house because this house was built before this area was part of the city. A few years ago the house was hooked up to city water but the well was left back there and the man we bought it from said that he used it for watering his grass. But, after we bought the house we found that the well did not work at all. Apparently we had left the water hydrant wide open after looking at it some time because this morning when I went out water was coming out full blast. And I sang praises to my God who gives gifts to His children.