Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 10

Today was kind of an odd day. I thought about northern MN a lot.
  • We turned an old little girls bike into a boys bike today. It still has white tires but some things can't be helped. The other thing that is a problem is that I am really bad at spray painting. :) It was fun to do.
  • Worked on the rag rug again today. Oh, and no I don't have a pattern I just started crocheting around in circles. I should have used a pattern and I should have redone some of it because it has some really bad looking spots. But I am too lazy.
  • I tried to sleep in because three kids kept taking turns coming into my room with complaints all night long. But they were up and raring to go bright and early. oh well, I really haven't been tired today.
  • The kids went outside right after breakfast this morning and did not come back in until I called them in at 3 pm. They went back out right after naps too.
  • I had the kids pose for some pictures this afternoon. I had been looking at some other peoples posed pictures and thought I should get some of my kids because it has been a long time since we did any kind of portraits.
  • I've been pre-reading some of our school books for this year. they are some really good books. They are Sonlights Core 1 books.