Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 3

  • The kids played at the neighbors for awhile.They drove the little battery powered cars around about the whole time. They also gave Lars a little bike.
  • Went to a Yesteryear Festival. It was a small colonial reenactment. I guess there was a fort or "arsenal" here at that time.All that is left of it is some footing stones. They have also made what they call a ghost tower because it is like a trellis in the shape and size that the tower was. There were men dressed up as soldiers from the revolutionary war. They did some firing of canons and muskets.Making pewter stuff. I can't remember what he was making while we were watching.
We also got to taste some fresh pressed apple cider.
  • did the laundry - completely.
  • the kids played at the neighbors again this afternoon.
  • I bought two books from the author herself at the reenactment. They are historical fiction about the colonial times her in North Carolina. I read the first one this afternoon. It was a good read.
We had a busy good Saturday. thought about Keren a lot today. Happy Birthday little sister!

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Anonymous said...

I was going to call you this evening but then I got a phone call and that finished off my evening. Maybe tomorrow. Glad you are keeping busy and meeting friends in your neighbors. ♥Anna♥