Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 2

  • Mowed the grass. Which means I picked up tons of pine cones.
  • Cleaned out the truck and car. The truck really needed it. I should have washed the outsides of them but did not.
  • Went to the LAB this morning. For some reason it really hurt when she put it in the left arm and then it would not flow... So, I almost fainted and we had to sit there for a long time trying to keep me from passing out. Finally my head started feeling like it should and she was able to get it in my right arm. Crazy Phobia!
  • We went for a little drive, just to see what where the road would take us. We were also keeping our eyes open for any playgrounds.
  • Bought corn at a farmers market.
  • Lars started singing at the supper table. I was not sure what he was singing but then Molly joined him. He would join her for the last part of the last word for each phrase. They were singing, I'm in the Lords Army. When Molly sings that song though it is one of those songs that never ends. So I had to remind them to finish their dinners.
  • Bathed all of my children tonight.
  • Called the Cell phone company. Oh, yesterday some sort of cable company guy called. He started off saying that he had a better deal then what I had and kept going on about this good deal he had for me. When he finally let me say something I told him I had no TV. He was totally baffled by this and then mumbled something about wasting his time!
I got a new seed catalog in the mail today so I think I will get ready for bed and go enjoy that.


Abbi said...

I like you alls picture!
That is funny about the cable guy! :-)
Love you all! Abbi

Betsy said...

Seed catalogs are fun!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good productive day!....Today (9/12) we are quietly celebrating Keren's Bday. She has been lounging around with cute chubby cheeks. She just got some excitment from Luke and Matt but I will let her tell you about that......Love you, mom