Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 17

Wow, I am really sleepy.
  • I got Heidi's dress almost done. But then found out I didn't have the right size zipper on hand. Oh well, Wal-Mart is open tomarrow.
  • The girls helped me with dishes today. I have not had them do this very much before because my set up was not child friendly. But, today I got a dish drainer so they can stack the dishes in it to drain. I know, some of you are thinking, "you didn't have a dish drainer? What kid of kitchen was that anyway?" :) We enjoyed working together.
  • The kids felt rather caged up this morning because of the weather, cold and wet, and then they felt at a loss for what to do because I did not want to do school. finally they asked if they could, "just do some school." Makes a mother smile.
  • Dog sitting is going fine. she is a true dog. She refuses to go in the shed that I cleaned out for her. And, more importantly, she thinks the best place for her to lay is in my new flower bed. I even had her food in the shed but she would not eat it in there but left it for the ants to get into. I washed out her dish and put it on the back step and she ate it right away. At least one can count on a dog acting like a dog.
  • I got a catalog from a nursery this week. I am dreaming of what kind of trees to plant in my yard. I am also trying to decide what color and kind of roses to plant.


Anonymous said...

Yellow! (Roses) Doing lot of school work now is good.....In the spring it is harder to stay in and work. mom

Abbi said...

I vote for yellow and pink! Bi-colors are pretty fun too. I bet you have lots of options in your zone.

martha said...

I do, And those are the colors I am leaning toward for sure.