Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 16

Aw. A nice day.
  • We are dog sitting for the weekend.
  • I was so, proud of Molly. She went outside with the dog and pet her and did not panic at all. The dog was pushing against her and just loving it that someone came out to see her too.
  • We made cinnamon caramel sticking buns for breakfast this morning. Everyone helped. Lars also got the job of licking the butter and cinnamon and sugar bowl. He said, "this is so tasty."
  • The weather cooled off this evening.
  • The kids are playing their version of hid and seek now.
  • We finished reading Charlotte's Web tonight.
  • I did not mow the grass again today. I was planing to do it in the afternoon when we were done with school but, it started raining right after lunch.


Keren said...

Yay for Molly! That boy of yours cracks me up. :)

Abbi said...

We had a nice day too. The weather was beautiful!

Bonnie Williams said...

Rain is so nice. It lets you off the hook and allows time to relax that otherwise you might have missed! I used to be able to say....Yes! I'll read a good book this I usually know of 100 other things I can do indoors so I better get busy....but actually I don't feel that is always the best mindset....Probably should take a little more time to relax and "renew". Who's dog? (Good for Molly....just like me...I did pet the cat the other day!)