Thursday, February 26, 2009

reduce, reuse, recycle

Here are a few pictures of ways that I R-R-R. this top picture is of a small bag dryer I made from chopsticks and a pint canning jar. I put some dry beans in the bottom to keep the chopsticks in place.
This is an old hair serum pump that I rinsed out and put hand soap in.
this is a cream pitcher from a set my mom got as a wedding present. The handle broke off at some point so we glued it back on and turned it into a planter. I have another favorite cup that broke lately so it is now a small planter too.
This is one of my favorites. It is two things being recycled. The tin is a retired maple sap collecting bucket that is now my kitchen trash can. I use a small can in my kitchen so I can reuse all the bags I come home with every time I go grocery shopping! I have to take out the garbage from the kitchen at least once a day but I much prefer to run out side often then to have my kitchen smell like garbage.
I like to think of ways to reuse things. Things like the sandwich bags I don't think I'm saving that much money or saving that much space at the landfill. But maybe both together makes it worth my while.


Abbi said...

I love your trash can! Did you get that on your trip?

martha said...

yes we did!