Friday, October 1, 2010

growing up

I am so bad. I forgot to blog about Heidi's birthday!
 She had a lovely day. I love how my kids enjoy birthdays. Molly and Lars went out of their way to make it special for Heidi and she appreciated all they did. My kids are their own best friends on a normal day but they really enjoy each other more on special days like birthdays.


Keren Ruth said...

Siblings really are the best friends one could have. I am so glad they do enjoy one another.

In The Potter's Hands said...

R u saying they don't fight? Mine get along for the most part but they sure do have their days of fighting. So what's your secret?

Abbi said...

I do love how my kids love to get ready and make special everybody elses birthdays too. Megan has really gotten into it lately. She gave Mara around 5 or more gifts. They were very quickly homemade and sometimes a bit interesting but it sure was fun to see her excitement. For Ken's birthday things had gotten busy and then the picture she had drawn ahead of time for him disappeared and she felt very bad and had to cry a bit. He told her it didn't matter that she was a better gift anyway but she still got busy and drew him a picture quickly.

She also made another gift to give him at supper time and she got in a box so she could be a better gift when he got home.

Martha said...

Aw Megan. Lars thought Heidi did not get enough gifts so he closed himself in the school room and wrapped up some of his things and some pictures he drew for her.
Michelle, they do fight some, but for the most part they spend happy hours together.