Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer days

This summer has been busy already. It has been HOT. We have been having fun. I bought the kids a little wading pool and they have spent many hours playing in it. The girls also got new swimsuits last week. that was exciting.
One Very hot (100*F+) Sunday afternoon we went for a walk at a state park not to far from our home. It was really pretty. We went down quite a long large hill and across a creek. then met a sign explaining that whatever way we went it would be up hill and several miles. We opted to go only a little farther along the creek and then go back.
We had to climb the very big hill in the very warm weather. some of our group were afraid they were going to have to just live at the bottom of the hill it seemed to hard to get to the top.
We all made it, but as you can see it was exhausting. :)
  Today the kids had a bike wash going on in the garage. I did some spray painting touch ups on a couple of the bikes. It made it seem like they had new bikes. Oh, we aired the tires too. Molly also took the broken hand brake off of hers.


Anna said...

Looks like lovely times!! I am so thankful we do not have weather like that very often. It has seemed hot here today and yesterday and I don't think it made 90*.

Abbi said...

Fun times! Thanks for all the pictures!

Bonnie Williams said...

Heidi looks extremely hot! And Molly exhausted. From the picture we can't tell how high the hill is but in 100 degree temp anything would wear a person out! The bike shop is darling. I am sure they will get lots of good use out of the swimming pool. Thanks for the fun photos! Have to pass that camera to someone else once in a while! Love you all!