Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 22

Counting days is kind of odd for me. I never stick with it so mostly I just don't try.
Today was a pleasant day.
We are doing very well with our school. I'm not sure what else to say about that.
I am almost to the point where I will be able to post pictures of some girls in new dresses. :)
Oh, if you want to have a pineapple plant. Buy a fresh pineapple. Cut the top off with maybe a little more of the fruit with it than you normally would and stick that in some peet moss mixed with potting soil. Don't let it dry out and eventually, it will start to grow. One place I read about it said that the plant had to get six feet wide before it would produce fruit, or something like that.
I have been seeing blue Jays lately. I like them. I saw a Monarch today too. Made me wonder if it was on it's way to Mexico. I really want to make my back yard so that birds and butterflies would like to visit us.

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Anonymous said...

There are definitely some plants that butterflys like better than others but I'm not an expert on that. We are looking forward to seeing the girls in their new dresses. mom