Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 13

  • I made Apple cake in an iron skillet Today. So very yummy. But, if you make it do follow Keren's advice and use only 1 stick of butter in the first part of the recipe. I did, and I was not sorry.
  • It was a rainy day. Made us really need our naps this afternoon. It was very nice to have rain though. We've been having gray days a lot lately and it is much nicer to have rain with the clouds. In my opinion.
  • The kids went out and played in the rain off and on today. They were collecting rain water in buckets and cups.
  • We did our school work in very good time.
  • My arm and finger are still sore from using the spray paint for Lars' bike. I find it kind of funny while it is annoying.
I better get these kids to bed.

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Bonnie Williams said...

We have been having rain off and on today, too. Yay! We put a bunch of broccoli and cauliflower in the freezer and Dad picked more apples...also need to get to the corn tomorrow. Harvest is fun and it wears a person out! But it is a good tired out feeling! Have a great day!