Saturday, December 27, 2008


We have had a lovely Christmas holiday. We've stayed up late and slept in late most days. :) We've played lots of music and listened to lots of different types of holiday music; a Merry Axmas album, traditional carols, sung and or instrumental.
We've worked on some projects. Derek and I (mostly Derek) put together a quilt. I have done a lot of baking; cookies, candy and breads.
The kids have enjoyed having their favorite plaything around to clime on, ride on and abuse on a regular basis.(Derek)
I made the kids some play dough and they have been very creative with that again.
Also, We had a very nice Christmas day. We slept in (again). The kids were very excited about opening presents and thought they were all really great. Derek got each of them some sort of game. So, over the course of the day we played each of them. I really enjoyed playing games with all of them.
We also had friends over for dinner and had an enjoyable time visiting with them and laughing at our kids together.
Derek and Molly helped put the dinner together and serve it so I never felt at all stressed about it. We made mini apple pies that turned out really cute and yummy.
All in all We have been so very blessed.
Please keep me in our prayers as I will be having surgery on my neck in a week and a half. ( I still have a cough so I am concerned a little about that.)
God bless you in 2009!


Abbi said...

I am glad you had a fun day! I am envying just a little how relaxing it sounded. :-)

Anonymous said...

It sounds very lovely! Anna

Emily said...

I'm glad it wasn't too hectic, and you got to enjoy it with family and friends!
Hope all goes well in the coming weeks...we'll be praying.
Smiles to all :)

Angie said...

I will be praying for you and your surgery. I hope everything goes well. God be with you and the DR's!