Thursday, August 21, 2008

A short interview at our house

I asked Lars a few questions today; " Do you stink?"
"No." ( And one must add a little bit of a whinny tone to the answers.)
"Does your diaper stink?"
"Does something IN your diaper stink?"

That reminds me of some other people I know and the way they always answer questions!


All in a Day said...

That's a familiar thing with our boys; you have to ask very specific questions.

Carrie said...

Or Derek or Brandt. :)

Keren said...

hmm. I think he does take after his father :)

Esther said...

Kylee spilled some water on her dress the other day and I asked her, "Are you wet?" Kylee said, "No, my dress is." Silly kids!

Abbi said...

Be very, very specific!

Megan is very quick to admit when she stinks. She even comes up to me and reports.

martha said...

Yea,I was thinking of the older Johnson males I know.

He usually does tell me when he stinks but he was really busy right then.

Anonymous said...

I just think some of y'all don't know what answer you are looking for. It only makes sense. Ask for the answer you want.

That's my boy.