Friday, April 11, 2008

recent events

We have been doing a lot of running around lately. We went to Brandt and Jenny's for two days. the kids had fun pretending and playing together. I got to go with Jenny to her knitting club. I had fun watching them and visiting with the ladies.

Then we went to Travis and Anna's for three days. right after we got there we went to watch Bea and Margaret at their ballet lessons.
The days were nice and warm so the kids were able to go out and ride bikes in the lane.
Anna's kids have lots of dress up clothes so my girls are often wearing princess dress' when we are there.

We then went to Dennis and Karen's. We got there after Karen and Keli had gone to work so we went down to see them while they were on their lunch break.
We went up to the city the next morning for shopping and eating out fun. We even stopped at a coffee shop. yay.

why don't blogs work the way I want them too?


Abbi said...

I think blogs and computors have a mind of their own. Ken tries to convince me otherwise but he hasn't succeeded yet.

Jennifer said...

Well, I think we still understood all your happenings :) We had such a nice visit! You can come again before you head home :)