Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Around Here

This week the girls and I have been getting excited about Valentines day. We made cards yesterday and today we made decorations to hang on our walls. Derek has the camera today or I would have put pictures on here. We are also making cookies.
The girls love doing crafts and to help me cook so that makes all of this very fun for them.
The picture above is from a day that we decided was "We love Papa" day. The kids made cards for him and I made Pad Thai soup which he had been wanting. than we had a candle light dinner. followed be the chocolate lava cupcake recipe I had posted earlier.
The other evening the neighbor boy, Samuel, brought over a really big activity coloring book over for the girls. The girls have really enjoyed that.


Abbi said...

We made a few Valentines this morning but we didn't get as many done as I thought would be fun. I had hoped to send some out but that didn't happen.
The kids are upstairs right now creating some sort of valentines secret for Ken and I. I am quite curious.
Love you all!

All in a Day said...

So much fun!
We made a few Valentine's also. I'll be posting about them later today.