Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My boy

I've been thinking maybe you would like to know how sweet my boy is.
His latest thing is learning to use scissors. He will sit at the table and cut paper for hours. but the other night I wasn't watching him close enough and he started cutting his pants. He did a very big hole in them before I stopped him.
He loves to call for Heidi but he will not say Molly. If we point at Molly and ask him who she is he says, "Heidi."
Sometimes he really needs, "dat." if I don't understand what "dat" is he will grab my hand and say, "'Mon, 'Mon," and show me what "dat" is.
He loves to sit on my "map" but it isn't very fun to share it with Heidi.
When saying, bye one must give hugs and kisses. He says bye then pokes out his lips ready for his kiss.
Sometimes I say he is left handed but Derek thinks he's right handed so we've decided he's ambi-not-dextrous since he uses his left hand for holding his fork or spoon and is very messy and he uses his right hand for throwing balls and they always go wild.
He has also shown me that boys are born liking boy things like girls are born liking girly things. He has liked the roar of our truck every time. He has always liked balls and cars and can ride trike like a pro.
He likes to sing too. He can sing, this little light of mine, I'm in the Lords army, and We will rock you.


Emily said...

Thanks for the stories! How fun! Miss you all.

All in a Day said...

Very sweet. The bottom picture in red reminds me of Luke.

Betsy Cradic said...

In fact, I did want to know how sweet your boy is. :) He is one that I've never met, but it sounds like he'd be a peasure to know! What a cutie.

Keren said...

I miss those sweet hugs and kisses. and him. and all of you... and I think we better come visit for thanksgiving....!

martha said...

I think you better too!