Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I am up way to late for me. but here is a quick note.
I am so excited about Christmas! we have been making things and doing lots of fun stuff together its just so fun! Derek is making a really awesome doll house for the girls. His carpentry skills are in very good working order. :)
the girls and I had a vary fun time today making and painting barbie food and dishes from clay. we are not vary talented but we had tons of fun and the girls like what we made.
the picture is of the babies with the dolls Derek made last week. You can see that Heidi's dolls head is smaller, Derek just made them from an idea he had so he didn't think he would have to make the heads as huge as he did. He wasn't going to make any doll for Lars since boys don't play with dolls but Lars was so excited about theirs and so obviously sad about not getting anything that was being sewn that Derek quick made the little bear.
well, Happy holidays to you and yours and enjoy all the good things like eggnog. :)


Keren and Peggy said...

oh i like that picture :) that is very exciting about the doll house. i can remember trying to build my own although it only got as far as planning it :) that doll dough kinda puffs up sometimes. i don't know if you expearianced that. but yup. Keren

martha said...

Yes I did. I had some plats that were pretty nice until they got bubbles in them.

Abbi said...

Isn't making homemade gifts fun! It is fun when the kids get into it. Today I helped Mara make puppets for the other kids. She is working on a dog, elephant and kitty (from socks). We had recently made people puppets at church so we thought they might need pets.