Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Fisherman

I just wanted to tell you something about Derek. :) he really likes to go fishing but he doesn't just fish when he's out, he makes things too. the picture of my poor baby who dived off a picnic table is so you can see my necklace. Derek made it when we were on a camping fishing trip a couple of years ago. He made it from fishing line and some sort of stick he found in the north woods of MN. This summer Lars broke it and I lost the beads for it. This month Derek found some bamboo and dried it then made this new one for me. He is so cool. I like him a lot. :)


Abbi said...

I like your new necklace. Is the lake picture at Lake 51 or whatever it is called? (Down in the Paul Bunyan state forest).

martha said...

yes. it's lake 21.